Saturday, May 2, 2009

Southgate House, May 1 - Something for Everyone

For those of you in attendance last night, it was a wicked good time, with a little something for everyone on all four floors:

1. The Seedy Seeds with Coltrane Motion, The Mighty and Flotation Walls played in the ballroom
2. The Lions Rampant, DJ E-Rockswell, the Dandybeards and Nathan Holscher played for free in the parlour
3. The Nashville Knives played for free in the lounge
4. An old high school classmate and Southgate House bartender, Derek Toebbe, had an art show in the top floor gallery, along with artist Phillip LaVelle and photographer Adam Burke

Needless to say, I saw some of the best shows ever by a few of these bands, namely the Seedy Seeds, Lions Rampant and Coltrane Motion.

I'm having trouble finding the right words to describe the Coltrane Motion show. The one word I can find to simply describe it all...intense! Eh, make it two words...fucking intense!!! For a band with only two members, these guys from Chicago make a lot of beautiful noise, kind of like a train wreck, yet, no one gets hurt...With one guy on the electric guitar, and the other armed with keys/synth, harmonica and a laptop, you will never find a band like this anywhere. Do not miss them if given the chance...

I tell you what, that Stuart from Lions Rampant is crazy as hell...but in a good way. For their last song of the night, he brought up someone from the crowd to play guitar on Them's "Gloria" know the song - Van Morrison, or maybe you know The Doors version. Let me get to the crazy part...While this audience member was playing the guitar (who did a very nice job if I may say), Stuart kept at the vocals, by climbing on top of the parlour's piano, as well as attempting to climb the bookcase, before he broke a shelf and had to jump back on top of the piano...

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