Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's Your MidPoint Additions

40 East (Cincinnati)

Artists & Authors (Cincinnati)

Blastronauts (Columbus, OH)

Boss Monkey (Cincinnati)

Chico Fellini (Lexington, KY)

Eagle to Squirrel (Cincinnati)

The Electric Souls (Cincinnati)

Idaho, Alaska (Lexington, KY)

The Payola Reserve (Baltimore, MD)

Pete Dressman & the Soul Unified Nation (Ft. Mitchell, KY)

Peter Adams (Cincinnati)
Folk Rock/Indie

Stevie Lee Combs (Atlanta, GA)
Blues/Folk Rock

Team Rockit (Chicago, IL)

Umbrella Tree (Nashville, TN)

Wonky Tonk (Ft. Thomas, KY)

Xela Zaid/Alex Diaz/Ho Chi Minh (Miami, FL)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Helpful Advice for MidPoint

So you're planning on attending MidPoint this year, but because of your busy life, you just can't find the time to check out every single band on the lineup, or maybe you just don't have the patience. Maybe you're thinking that when you're walking around downtown, you'll just pop your head into whatever club is nearest to you, or maybe you'll just hang out at one club all night long.

I want to find the easiest way possible to help you find something you may like before you go down to the festival.

I have only found one way, and that is to try to compare bands with each other. It doesn't mean that a band sounds exactly like another band, it's just a suggestion for something that you MAY like if you like a certain band.

Here we go:

If you're into...

!!! - you may like Why?

311 - you may like The Frankl Project

The Allman Brothers Band - you may like the Buffalo Killers, Jon Justice Band, the Sonny Moorman Group

Arcade Fire - you may like Athens, Eat Sugar, Wake the Bear

The Avett Brothers - you may like Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, The Felice Brothers, Ha Ha Tonka, House of Doc, Jake Speed, The Jarts, Moon High, Paper Airplane, Shrug, The Sadies, The Sloes, Southeast Engine

Beck - you may like Coltrane Motion, Eat Sugar

Ben Folds - you may like Al Hidalgo, Daniel Martin Moore, David Andrew Smith, Greg Mahan, The Newbees, Ryan Adcock, Stephen Moore, Tyler Traband

Black Crowes - you may like Buffalo Killers

Black Keys - you may like Buffalo Killers, The High Strung, Lions Rampant, Wussy

Bob Dylan - you may like AA Bondy, Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, Conil, The Felice Brothers, Jake Speed, The Jarts, Mike Reeb, Moon High, Paper Airplane, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine

Bright Eyes - you may like Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, The Jarts, Moon High, Paper Airplane, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine, Turnbull AC's, Wake the Bear

The Clash - you may like 500 Miles to Memphis, Kadro

Coldplay - you may like David Andrew Smith, the Death of Jason Brody, Entheos, Tyler Traband

The Cure - you may like Go Motion

Dave Matthews - you may like Daniel Martin Moore, David Andrew Smith, Greg Mahan, Ryan Adcock, The Faux Frenchmen

Death Cab for Cutie - you may like Look Mexico, Otter Petter

DJ Shadow - you may like DJ Sid the Apocalypze, Eat Sugar

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - you may like Eat Sugar

Drive-By Truckers - you may like 500 Miles to Memphis, Andy Brasher, Backyard Tire Fire, Buffalo Killers, The Jarts

Elliott Smith - you may like Athens, The Hiders, Paper Airplane, The Weightlifters

Elvis Costello - you may like Pale Hollow, The Rockwells, Turnbull AC's

The Fiery Furnaces - you may like Mates of State

The Flaming Lips - you may like Wake the Bear

Fleetwood Mac - you may like Elisa Nicolas, The Newbees

Foo Fighters - you may like Chett, Love in October

Hank Williams - you may like Andy Brasher, Girls Guns and Glory

Herbie Hancock - you may like Dan Karlsberg Group

Interpol - you may like Captain of Industry, Go Motion, The Winter Sounds

Islands - you may like Why?

John Mayer - you may like Daniel Martin Moore, David Andrew Smith, Greg Mahan, the Jon Justice Band, Ryan Adcock, Stephen Moore

The Killers - you may like Captain of Industry, The Winter Sounds

Levon Helm - you may like Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, The Jarts, Moon High, Rebel Red, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine

Lucero - you may like 500 Miles to Memphis, Andy Brasher, Buffalo Killers, The Jarts, The Sadies

The Mars Volta - you may like The Host, Lions Rampant

Medeski, Martin & Wood - you may like Eclipse

Modest Mouse - you may like Captain of Industry, Love in October, Pomegranates

Minus the Bear - you may like Look Mexico, Why?

Muse - you may like Bamboo Needle, Diet Audio, The Host

Nada Surf - you may like Otter Petter, Wake the Bear

The National - you may like Black Owls

Neil Young - you may like AA Bondy, Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, Dane Clark Band, The Hiders, The Jarts, Moon High, Pale Hollow, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine

Nirvana - you may like Cinema Cinema, Kadro

Norah Jones - you may like Addie Loy, Alyse Black, Elisa Nicolas

Of Montreal - you may like The Winter Sounds

Old 97's - you may like 500 Miles to Memphis, Andy Brasher, Buffalo Killers, The Jarts, The Sadies

Over the Rhine - you may like Addie Loy, Alyse Black, Elisa Nicolas, Kim Taylor, Megan King

Pearl Jam - you may like Chett

Pixies - you may like Captain of Industry

The Police - you may like Kink Ador

Portishead - you may like Diet Audio, Kink Ador

Radiohead - you may like Bamboo Needle, Cinema Cinema, Diet Audio

Robert Pollard - you may like Black Owls, Boston Spaceships, the Swarthy Band

The Roots - you may like Eclipse, God Made Me Funky

Ryan Adams - you may like AA Bondy, Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, Girls Guns and Glory, The Hiders, The Jarts, Moon High, Shrug, The Sadies, The Sloes, Southeast Engine

Saul Williams - you may like Broadcast Live

The Shins - you may like Paper Airplane, Pomegranates, The Weightlifters

Smashing Pumpkins - you may like Bamboo Needle, Fizzgig

Sonic Youth - you may like Cinema Cinema, the Flux Capacitors, Mallory

Sublime - you may like Cipes and the People, The Frankl Project

Superdrag - you may like The Rockwells

Tegan & Sara - you may like Mates of State

Tom Petty - you may like Backyard Tire Fire, Dane Clark Band

Tom Waits - you may like Chad Mills, Jeff Scott Roberson, Moon High, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine

Tracy Chapman - you may like Addie Loy, Alyse Black, Elisa Nicolas, Tracy Walker

Weezer - you may like Fizzgig, Otter Petter, The Rockwells

The White Stripes - you may like Ha Ha Tonka, The High Strung, Lions Rampant, Wussy

Wilco - you may like AA Bondy, Andy Brasher, Backyard Tire Fire, Chad Mills, The Hiders, The Jarts, Mike Reeb, Pale Hollow, Moon High, Shrug, The Sadies, The Sloes, Southeast Engine, Turnbull AC's

Yo La Tengo - you may like Coltrane Motion, Mallory, Why?

Yonder Mountain String Band - you may like Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, Jake Speed, Moon High, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine, The Tillers

Or you can just look at the bands, grouped by genre (I'm not listing all the subgenres but you can figure it out):

Alternative/Indie/Punk/New Wave/Garage/Grunge/Hardcore - Ali Edwards, Athens, Baby Teeth, Bamboo Needle, Black Owls, Buckra, Captain of Industry, Cari Clara, Cavashawn, Cincinnati Suds, The Chocolate Horse, Cinema Cinema, Cool Hand Luke, Dark Romantics, The Excitement, Fairmount Girls, Fizzgig, Ha Ha Tonka, Headlights, The High Strung, The Host, Hot Cha Cha, Kink Ador, The Lions Rampant, Look Mexico, Love in October, Mallory, Mates of State, Mouse Fire, Noctaluca, Oh My God, Otter Petter, Pomegranates, The Purrs, The Read, Rosehips, Say Hi, Scrimshaw, The Seedy Seeds, The Swimmers, Toads and Mice, Turnbull AC's, The Twilight, Wake the Bear, The Weightlifters, Why?, The Winter Sounds, Wussy, Ampline, Knife the Symphony

Blues/Southern Rock - Jon Justice Band, Sonny Moorman Group (there's a lack of blues this year)

Country/Bluegrass/Folk/Americana/Alt Country/Country-Punk/Rockabilly/Singer-Songwriters - 500 Miles to Memphis, Backyard Tire Fire, Girls Guns and Glory, The Hiders, Mack West, The Sadies, AA Bondy, Addie Loy, Al Hidalgo, Andy Brasher, Chad Mills, Daniel Martin Moore, The Felice Brothers, Jake Speed, The Jarts, Jeff Scott Roberson, Kim Taylor, Megan King, Mike Reeb, Moon High, Paper Airplane, Rebel Red, Ryan Adcock, Shrug, The Sloes, Southeast Engine, The Tillers, Tracy Walker

Dance/Electronica/Techno - Go Motion, Coltrane Motion, Culture Queer, Diet Audio, Eat Sugar, Entheos, The Mocks, Oddknock

Jazz/Jambands/Dub/Ambient - Alyse Black, Chick Pimp Coke Dealer at a Bar, The Faux Frenchmen, Souse, Ecliplse, Spookfloaters

Rock/Pop/Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock - David Andrew Smith, Elisa Nicolas, Greg Mahan, Jared Mahone, Jayne Sachs, Modern Skirts, The Newbees, Pale Hollow, The Rockwells, Scott Metcalf, Seabird, Seth, Sohio, Stephen Moore, Swarthy Band, Tyler Traband, Buffalo Killers, Cash Flagg, Chett, Dane Clark Band, Death of Jason Brody, Flow, Flux Capacitors, Goose, Harlequins, Heevahava, Johnnytwentythree, Jukebox the Ghost, July for Kings/Joe Hedges, Junior Revolution, Kadro, Lonely China Day, Lovely Crash, Matt Truman Ego Trip, Boston Spaceships, Romance of Young Tigers, Rosella, The Sailing, Spookfloaters, Troubadour Dali, The Elms

Rap/Hip-Hop/Soul/R&B/Funk/Reggae - Broadcast Live, da muttss, DJ Sid the Apocalypze, Eclipse, God Made Me Funky, Iswhat?!, Marvin and the Experience, Ruckus Roboticus, Scratch Track, Sudden Death, Yoshi, Daughters and Sons, Taina Asili, Cipes and the People

Hope that helps!

Monday, August 18, 2008

MidPoint Additions Keep Coming

Things are starting to pick up on MidPoint's site, and I'm having trouble keeping up with them.

I just noticed this morning that more bands have been added. With about five weeks to go, I'd expect the organizers to really start cranking out some things.

These additions are heavy on the acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter side of things, which is just fine by me.

Here they are:

Addie Loy (Corbin, KY)
Folk Rock/Singer-Songwriter

Andy Brasher (Owensboro, KY)
Alternative/Country/Folk Rock
Related Artists: Drive-By Truckers, Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cash Flagg (Cincinnati)

Chad Mills (Indianapolis)

Culture Queer (Cincinnati)
Electro Pop/Experimental

David Andrew Smith (Ellicott City, MD)
Related Artists: John Mayer, Pete Yorn

Fizzgig (Cincinnati)
Related Artists: Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins

Go Motion (Omaha)
Dance Rock/New Wave
Related Artists: U2, The Cure, Interpol

Greg Mahan (Cincinnati)

The Harlequins (Cincinnati)

Heevahava (Roanoke, VA)

Jayne Sachs (Dayton, OH)

Lovely Crash (Cincinnati)

Moon High (Dayton, OH)
Folk Rock/Indie

Paper Airplane (Columbus/Cincinnati)
Folk Rock/Indie
Related Artists: Elliott Smith, The Shins

Pearlene (Cincinnati)

Shrug (Dayton, OH)

The Sloes (Cincinnati)

Southeast Engine (Athens, OH)
Folk Rock/Indie

Stephen Moore (Cincinnati)

Tracy Walker (Cincinnati)
Acoustic/Folk Rock
Related Artist: Tracy Chapman

Troubadour Dali (St. Louis)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

MidPoint Bands on YouTube

I was on YouTube this afternoon, checking out some Dave Matthews Band highlights from their tour this year, when I thought to myself, why not look for videos of the bands playing MidPoint.

So I've put together a collection of some videos, but if it's something you dig, you can easily find links to other videos.

Just click on the band name and it'll take you there.

AA Bondy

Elisa Nicolas

Knife the Symphony

God Made Me Funky

Lonely China Day

The Sadies

The Felice Brothers

Backyard Tire Fire

Ha Ha Tonka

Mates of State

Kim Taylor

Coltrane Motion

Buffalo Killers


500 Miles to Memphis

The Hiders

Look Mexico

Ryan Adcock

The Seedy Seeds

Captain of Industry


The Lions Rampant

Scratch Track

The Chocolate Horse


The Tillers


Alyse Black

Baby Teeth

Cipes and the People

Cool Hand Luke

The Death of Jason Brody

The Elms

The Flux Capacitors

The Frankl Project

Girls Guns and Glory


The High Strung


Jake Speed and the Freddies

Jon Justice Band

Junior Revolution


Kink Ador

Love in October

Mike Reeb


Otter Petter

The Purrs

The Rockwells

Taina Asili

The Winter Sounds

More MidPoint Updates


MidPoint's site says that the daily schedule is coming very soon and that you should keep checking back. Just a couple days ago it said the schedule would be out at the end of July, but as you know it's the middle of August, so it's good to see that MidPoint's webmasters are getting the ball rolling with the site. To see how the schedule's shaping up so far, follow this link.


The Cadillac Ranch has been added as a venue for this year's festival. It's a rock 'n roll country bar, located on 6th St between Vine & Walnut.

And the best part...

More Bands!!!

Ampline (Cincinnati)
Progressive/Punk/Psychedelic - they will be playing the Southgate House on Friday, Sept 26

Daughters & Sons (Cincinnati)
Funk/R&B/Rock - they will be playing Below Zero Lounge on Saturday, Sept 27

Elisa Nicolas (Columbus, OH)
Alternative/Folk Rock/Pop

Knife the Symphony (Covington, KY)
Indie/Rock - they will be playing the Southgate House on Friday, Sept 26

Monday, August 11, 2008

MidPoint Bands From Around the World

One of the great things about MidPoint, is the fact that band's from around the world WANT to play this festival.

Aside from all of the great talent we have here in Cincinnati, and even across the USA, you get the rare chance to see a band from halfway around the globe.

If you like what you read, please try to check these band's out, as they have traveled thousands and thousands of miles to play one night in our city. They're our guests for the MidPoint weekend and show your love and support to make them feel welcome here.

Not that you shouldn't do that about all of the other band's playing, but wouldn't you want our local band's to be shown some respect if they traveled across the world for a show?

Here's who's coming from afar to play MidPoint:

Flow (Israel)

God Made Me Funky (Toronto)

Lonely China Day (China, obviously)

The Mocks (Mexico)

The Sadies (Toronto)

Spectrum (England)

The Framework (Toronto)
Indie/New Wave

Saturday, August 9, 2008

MidPoint Venues Announced


Arnold's Bar and Grill (210 E 8th St) Stage at the Aronoff Center for the Arts (also known as the 5/3 Stage) (650 Walnut St)

Blue Wisp Jazz Club (318 E 8th St)

Buddakhan's Classic Rock Cafe (713 Vine St)

The Cadillac Ranch (recently added) (41 E 6th St)

Inner Peace Holistic Center (708 Walnut St)

The Lodge Bar (35 E 7th St)

The Subway Bar and Lounge (609 Walnut St)

Over the Rhine

Below Zero Lounge (1122 Walnut St)

Coffee Emporium (110 E Central Pkwy)

Courtyard Cafe on Main (1211 Main St)

Ink Tank (1311 Main St)

Know Theatre (Upstairs) (1120 Jackson St)
Know Theatre (Downstairs)

WNKU Stage at New Stage Collective (1140 Main St)

Newport, KY

Dewey's Pizza Stage at the Southgate House (24 E 3rd St)

For more info (location, phone numbers) or a detailed map, please visit

A Lot of MidPoint Additions

AA Bondy (Alabama/New York)

Related Artists: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy, Alexi Murdoch, Bon Iver, Sea Wolf, The Broken West

Broadcast Live (Albany, NY)

Related Artists: Common, The Coup, Saul Williams, Michael Franti & Spearhead

Buffalo Killers (Cincinnati)

Related Artists: Thee Shams, Black Crowes, The Black Keys, The Black Angels, Blitzen Trapper, Drive-By Truckers, The Whigs, Black Lips, Heartless Bastards

Cavashawn (Chicago)

Dane Clark Band (Pendleton, IN)
Americana/Classic Rock

Daniel Martin Moore (Cold Spring, KY)

Related Artists: Nick Drake

Eat Sugar (Cincinnati)
Electronica/Indie/New Wave

The Faux Frenchmen (Cincinnati)

Sound Description: "traditional European and gypsy music with sounds of American jazz"

Hot Cha Cha (Cleveland)

Related Artists: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Jarts (Athens, OH)
Alternative/Americana/Folk Rock

July for Kings/Joe Hedges (Cincinnati)

Jukebox the Ghost (Washington DC)

The Lions Rampant (Burlington, KY)

Marvin and the Experience (Cincinnati)

The Read (Cincinnati)
Post Punk

The Sadies (Toronto)

Related Artists: Wilco, Belle & Sebastian, Whiskeytown

Scott Metcalf (Cincinnati)

Scratch Track (Kansas City)

Toads and Mice (Dayton, OH)

Wussy (Cincinnati)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Local Band Looking For A New Logo

Local country-punk rockers, 500 Miles to Memphis, are looking for a new logo, and want your design ideas.

Here's a message I got from the band, via MySpace:

Howdy everyone. Just here to remind you we're still taking submissions for the New Logo Contest. The winner gets their logo printed on our next batch of t shirts and gets a bunch of swag for free, including our new vinyl which will be available soon.



I'm working on a couple of ideas, that I think sum up the band for me in a picture. Good luck to all those who enter the contest.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MidPoint's Onsale

Three day passes are now on sale for the price of $29. Visit to catch this deal before they're gone. For those who won't be able to make it to MidPoint every day, admission will also be available at the doors of the venues.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Picks for MidPoint 2008

The lineup isn't complete just yet (we're sitting at 116 bands, I think) and last year there were nearly 250 bands that played. So if last year's lineup is any indication, we're not even at the halfway point of a full lineup. But I'm sure you can do the math.

In the meantime, let me throw out some names that are making my must-see lists. I've narrowed it down to 20, but I'm not ranking anyone just yet. The thing with these types of lists is that they may change on a daily basis. It all depends on what you're into on any given day:

My Local Picks

Kim Taylor - I've seen her before she made it on her own (when she sang backup vocals in the Ryan Adcock Band. I've also seen her open for one of Cincinnati's best local bands ever, Over the Rhine. The last time I saw her, she opened for Josh Ritter at the Southgate House, and she had the virtuoso celloist, Ben Solee (from Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet) playing with her.

Aside from touring with Josh Ritter, she's played SXSW (South By Southwest), and has also toured with Ron Sexsmith, Grant Lee Phillips, Ben Lee, Aqualung and Grace Potter. She has also appeared on WXPN's World Cafe (which you can hear on WNKU) where host David Dye has used the phrases "mellow and evocative" and "smoky and exuberant vocals" to describe her music.

In my opinion, she is truly a treasured gem in Cincinnati's music scene, and we are very grateful to have someone like her here.

I think even at one point (not sure on the current situation) she was owner of the Pleasant Perk Coffeehouse, but don't quote me on that.

Other Local Bands on My List:

500 Miles to Memphis
Ryan Adcock
The Hiders
The Seedy Seeds
The Chocolate Horse
The Turnbull AC's
The Tillers

National Touring Bands

The Felice Brothers - I first heard of the Felice Brothers earlier this year, when I saw their name on the Bonnaroo artist lineup. This is how I discover a lot of bands. I love going to festivals like this (when I can afford it), so when these artist lineups get announced, I usually go through and make a list of all the bands I've never heard of, and that's when I begin checking out their music.

Although I didn't make it to Bonnaroo this year, that didn't stop me from getting into this band. I've heard that the only way to experience them, is to see them live. And I'm happy to say that in my hometown, at MidPoint, it will be my very first Felice Brother's experience.

The influence that Bob Dylan and the Band have had on them is uncanny and surreal at times. They have taken part in Levon Helm's midnight rambles, and have just concluded a tour with Bright Eyes.

They are signed to Team Love Records, a New York city based independent record label founded by Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) and Nate Krenkel. Other artist's signed to this label include Jenny Lewis, Willy Mason (formerly signed to the label), Conor Oberst, Gruff Rhys, and Tilly and the Wall.

Their album, Adventures of the Felice Brothers Vol. 1, was listed as #3 on WDST's Top 25 Albums of 2007, being beat by only Bruce Springsteen's Magic, and Levon Helm's Dirt Farmer. That's gotta say something, considering the fact that they just formed in 2006. Can you believe that!

Other National Touring Bands on My List:

Robert Pollard's Boston Spaceships
Backyard Tire Fire
Mates of State
Ha Ha Tonka
Coltrane Motion
Look Mexico

CincyMusic's 20 Questions Archives ran a series of 20 questions awhile back, involving local artists and musicians. I dug through their archives, finding artist's who are playing MidPoint this year. They even had one, involving MidPoint's founder's, Bill Donabedian and Sean Rhiney.

Get to know Bill and Sean, and all of those artist's right here, with the links I've provided.

MidPoint's Founders

Ryan Malott of 500 Miles to Memphis

John Lakes of Captain of Industry

Jake Speed

Mat Arnold of Mallory

Misty Perholtz of The Newbees

Psycho D of Noctaluca

Swarthy of The Swarthy Band

Dan Mecher of The Turnbull AC's

My thanks to Venomous Valdez, for capturing such great interviews.

Breaking News - MidPoint Band Additions (Aug 2)

As if MidPoint's lineup wasn't amazing enough, I noticed that it just got even better. Man, I can't wait until the complete lineup and schedule are out, which should be very, very soon. Here's who just got added:

The Felice Brothers (New York)

Related Artists: Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch, Bright Eyes, Okkervil River, M. Ward, The Avett Brothers, Two Gallants, Josh Ritter, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Akron/Family

The Chocolate Horse (Cincinnati, OH)

Lujo Records Showcase

This year marks the first ever record label showcase at MidPoint, which will involve the independent record label, Lujo Records, by having their very own stage. Last year, the label signed local indie-pop act, Pomegranates, and released an album earlier this year, entitled Everything is Alive. The stage will feature several bands that are considered to be "on-the-rise." Aside from Pomegranates playing this stage, the other acts include:

Baby Teeth
Look Mexico
Cool Hand Luke
Dark Romantics
Mouse Fire