Sunday, August 17, 2008

MidPoint Bands on YouTube

I was on YouTube this afternoon, checking out some Dave Matthews Band highlights from their tour this year, when I thought to myself, why not look for videos of the bands playing MidPoint.

So I've put together a collection of some videos, but if it's something you dig, you can easily find links to other videos.

Just click on the band name and it'll take you there.

AA Bondy

Elisa Nicolas

Knife the Symphony

God Made Me Funky

Lonely China Day

The Sadies

The Felice Brothers

Backyard Tire Fire

Ha Ha Tonka

Mates of State

Kim Taylor

Coltrane Motion

Buffalo Killers


500 Miles to Memphis

The Hiders

Look Mexico

Ryan Adcock

The Seedy Seeds

Captain of Industry


The Lions Rampant

Scratch Track

The Chocolate Horse


The Tillers


Alyse Black

Baby Teeth

Cipes and the People

Cool Hand Luke

The Death of Jason Brody

The Elms

The Flux Capacitors

The Frankl Project

Girls Guns and Glory


The High Strung


Jake Speed and the Freddies

Jon Justice Band

Junior Revolution


Kink Ador

Love in October

Mike Reeb


Otter Petter

The Purrs

The Rockwells

Taina Asili

The Winter Sounds

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That video for The Flux Capacitors is not a video of the band that played at Midpoint. Here's the band that's playing that is from Cincinnati: