Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Still Here...

Hey everybody. I'm still alive, although my computer's broke. The hard drive crashed and I need a new modem. I'm stuck with using the internet at the library. It sucks bad.

What I've been doing:

I had applied to NKU and was going to go back to school for a degree in Journalism. That's on hold because of my current work situation. I swear, it's like every job I've had over the past several years somewhat forces me into this "stay here and work, forget school" thing. My bosses just don't come out and say exactly that. Everytime I've wanted to go back to school, I somehow get stuck into just working. No more. Screw that! So I guess I'm looking at next fall, which, I guess I can wait even though I don't want to. That'll give me some time to save some money and think a little bit harder about wanting to be a music writer one day.

Bonnaroo 2009 Updates:

As you may already know (the few people who read my blog, that is), you may know that I'm one of the thousands of obsessed Bonnaroo fans. Although I've only been to the festival twice (2005 and 2007), Bonnaroo is something that is on my mind every day of every year, since I first experienced those four days of heaven on earth four years ago.

I always have a plan to attend every year, even though I don't and haven't, basically due to my financial situation at that time of year. I'm in for 2009 though. So I'm looking at a "Bonnaroo-every other year" plan.

Another way of putting what Bonnaroo means to me in lamens terms:

I have found out about hundreds of bands over the past several years that I now know and love. Although it started as a jamband festival, it has become much, much more diverse than some might think. All types of music from Americana, Blues, Country, Dance, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Soul and World. I have found that the easiest way to discover hundreds of bands in a short time, is by the ever-popular music festival. Sure, I could've discovered these bands through festivals like South By Southwest, Coachella, Lollapalooza or Austin City Limits (and I have in some way as well) but here's another way of summing it up:

Bonnaroo is the ultimate music festival for passionate music lovers because they have music that runs all day and all night...literally. All these other festivals have curfews because of city laws. Bonnaroo is a big ass farm that transforms into a city in just one day. Although Bonnaroo gets a bad rep for some of the "illegal" things that may go on, you don't have to participate in those things. Those things happen at festivals and concerts across the world. At Bonnaroo, you WILL find bands still playing when the sun comes up the next day. I'm an obsessed, passionate music lover and when you have over 60 hours of live music in a four day period, I'm sorry, but no other festival can compete with that.

So, onto the Bonnaroo 2009 Updates and Confirmations:

Someone with a reliable source on Inforoo has come out and said that Bruce Springsteen will be headlining. It just has to be announced sometime after the Super Bowl. And when the does the 2009 lineup come out? - a couple days after the Super Bowl. The Boss has been rumored for months now, and it appears that this rumor will become fact.

Other confirmations:

Expect long, latenight running sets from DJ Paul Oakenfold, one of the best at what he does, as well as Spiritualized.

Brett Dennen, The Knux, Portugal. the Man, Robert Earl Keen, The Lee Boys, the Zac Brown Band, Jessie Baylin, Keisha Jackson, Sarah Siskind and ccome have also been confirmed.

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