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The Diversity of Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo has undergone a number of changes through the years, mostly in the music. Sure, there were people who cursed the idea of Bonnaroo going from a jamband festival into, let's just say, what it has become today. I like to think for the most part, that the majority of people welcomed these changes with open arms. I know I did. I also like to think of Bonnaroo as not just a music festival.

Putting "all things music" aside, I'd like to focus on everything else.

If you're looking to escape the heat for a couple of hours, why not stop into the Bonnaroo Cinema? It's one of the few places on the farm where you'll find air conditioning. There, you'll also find movies going 24 hours a day, including comedies, classics, world cinema, documentaries, short films, animated films and even the NBA playoff games.

On the newer additions at Bonnaroo, is the Fuse Barn. Built last year, the Fuse Barn broadcasts the festival live, all weekend long. Also located just outside of the Fuse Barn, you'll find horseshoes, cornhole and the bull (the kind you ride).

Sponsored by XBOX 360, the Arcade Discotheque is the place to be for all you gamers. They've got the classic arcade games, the latest in HD gaming and during the latenight hours, DJ's stop by to host some hot, dance parties. New this year, is a stage where you can have a chance to play Rock Band 2 on the big screen.

The Comedy Sweet, is the new name of the Comedy Tent. It's also got air conditioning, but you may have to wait an hour or two in line before you even get in. This year's performers include Jimmy Fallon, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and an "Evening/Afternoon with the Daily Show" featuring correspondents John Oliver, Rob Riggle and executive producer Rory Albanese. Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are performing ahead of their Comedy Central debut show, Michael and Michael Have Issues. Also performing are Janeane Garofalo, Aziz Ansari, Kristen Schaal, Arj Barker, Todd Barry, Nick Thune, Wayne Federman, Nick Kroll, Kurt Braunholer, Amy Schumer, Kumail Nanjiani and Pete Holmes.

Hosted by Garnier Fructis, the Bonnaroo Salon hair stylists will be there to keep your hair clean and looking good. They'll wash your hair and style it, hook you up with some free samples, and you'll even find a karoake contest and other giveaways.

Ever wonder what it's like to spin the ones and twos? The Scratch DJ Academy offers a workshop, featuring a 20-minute showcase and dem onstration, followed by a Q&A session and hands-on learning for select crowd members. You can go one on one with a DJ, and even record your debut as a DJ. These workshops will begin every two hours, starting at noon.

When you first walk by the Silent Disco, you may wonder what the hell is going on and what are those people on? Yes, you'll see people dancing and shaking, but you won't hear music. That's because everyone is given a pair of headphones, but everyone dances to a different tune, as they don't play the same thing. Also on tap, are fresh, refreshing drinks courtesy of Vitamin Water.

Do you love America's past time? Are you a "boy of summer"? Then check out Bonnaroo Baseball, the batting cages that let you stay close to the game. Swing away at the curveball and fastball.

Brought to you by STANLEY nineteen13, the Less-Bottled Water Program raises awareness of water issues facing the world, reducing waste and upgrading the drinking water onsite. Purchase some Bonnaroo memorabilia, with a stainless steel water bottle. $1 of every bottle will go to the Global Water Challenge, who's mission is to generate a global movement to meet the urgent need for safe water and sanitation by spurring collective awareness and investment in innovation by corporate, public and nongovernmental sectors.

If you're looking for a different kind of memorabilia, you may want to check out the Silent Auction. Artists and sponsors will donate autographed items, and the highest bidder will leave...well, you know how auction's work. This also includes master rock photographers, Jeff Kravitz, Danny Clinch and Taylor Crothers.

One of the most popular activities at Bonnaroo, is the Broo'ers Festival. Featuring 20 different breweries from around the country, you're sure to find a beer that fits your fancy. Fully furnished with newly installed authentic wooden bars, Oktoberfest-like picnic tables, hop vines, whiskey barrels, haystacks and an outdoor seating area, you can enjoy hearty bocks, revitalizing pilsners, crisp pale ales and more.

Bonnaroo has cooked up the biggest, hottest interactive art show yet, with this year's Art of Such N Such. Chill out in the day by checking out some cool art, but at night, things get crazy with freaky fire shows.

The Sonic Village is the audio mecca of Centeroo. Companies all over the music industry will be on hand including Ourstage.com, Rolling Stone Magazine, BluHammock Records, Relix Magazine, Gibson Guitars and Paste Magazine. The folks at SoBe will be sampling the latest concoctions from their line of healthy refreshment beverages, while the folks at Lala.com will create a record store and help out with artist signings and contests.

The festival experience can take quite a toll on the mind and body. That's why they have Yoga Classes. Restore your energy each morning at the Solar Stage, to feel refreshed both physically and spiritually.

The Bonnaroo Ambassadors and Pods are strategically placed throughout the campground. In collaboration with the Knoxville Museum of Art, this year's unique, interactive art include Banneroo with the Birdhouse at Pod 4, Matt Hall features Dis Assembly Line at Pod 3, Sarah Shebaro's Disco Shelter at Pod 5, Message/Communication Board at Pod 6 and Jacob Stanley's Analog Hub at Pod 9.

In the '60s, artists revolutionized the rock 'n roll poster by creating beautiful, gallery quality art to publicize show. The Bonnaroo Poster Art Exhibit will showcase the work of some of the most innovative and creative artists in the business.

The 6th annual Conscious Alliance Food Drive will benefit the Good Samaritan Food Pantry of Manchester, TN. Last year's food drive brought in 7,000 pounds of food donations, and the goal this year is set at 10,000. The first 2,000 patrons who donate 10 non-perishable food items will receive a free, limited edition Bonnaroo poster created by rock artist Michael Everett. Two food drive donation tents will be located outside the main entrances to the concert areas.

The Bonnaroo Buskers are street performers whose offerings range from the sublime to the bizarre. Colorful parades, individual acts and zany skits including Miss Lolly Pop and her burlesque coterie, Lost Lunar Vaudevillian Troupe, the Human Coloring Factory, the Roovians, the Unbearable Light Cabaret and CCCome, an experimental post-circus with gypsies and magicians.

For those bringing their children to Bonnaroo (I wish my parents would've done something like this for me) is the Kidz Jam. Plenty of water, sunblock, earplugs, safety tips, instruments for the children, performances, interactive games, sports and challenges, as well as recycling art projects. Parents must attend!

Located directly in Centeroo, you'll find the Bonnaroo Founatin & Market. The fountain offers the poor man's version of a shower, for those who don't want to pay, however, the water gets pretty dirty and brown after the first day or two. The market offers some of the best shopping this side of the Mississippi. Also includes the I'm Connected Internet Cafe.

The Bonnaroo Beacon is the daily newspaper, offering previews of each day, as well as reviews from the previous day. Relix Magazine is also on-site, so sign up for a year's worth of issues - they come with free, sampler CD's.

Clean Vibes is the company handling the waste and recycling management of outdoor festivals and events. Having been a part of all of the previous Bonnaroo festivals, there certainly are no other people who work harder than the people of Clean Vibes. Please respect them and what they do, don't be an idiot, and clean up your shit!

Planet Roo is the place where you'll find that hand sculpture holding a giant globe. In this part of Centeroo, you'll find nonprofit organizations committed to protecting the resources of the world, promoting healthy lifestyles and making the world a better place. Learn about issues affecting the earth, from global warming to water protection to human rights issues.

The Solar Stage is just as it sounds. A solar-powered stage presenting music, dance, environmental speakers and interactive entertainment.

New this year is the Academy, located in Centeroo. Offering classes, from art to theatre to different kinds of dancing. Also, workshops on all kinds of environmental topics.

Also new this year, is the Whole Foods Market. Don't worry about what food to bring. You'll be able to sample and purchase a variety of healthy and organic items including fresh produce, frozen fruit bars, nuts and dried fruits, snacks, granola and their own line of 365 Everyday Value products.

Last but not least, one of the best views of the farm - the Ferris Wheel. Located right next to the Arcade Discotheque and next to one of two entrances, the Ferris Wheel is ideal for capturing the beautiful sights that shout a thousand words.

Ten Activities You Can't Miss
Comedy Sweet, Bonnaroo Cinema, Scratch DJ Academy, Silent Disco, Art of Such N Such, Ferris Wheel, Arcade Discotheque, Broo'ers Festival, Bonnaroo Ambassadors & Pods, Bonnaroo Buskers

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