Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keep 'em Coming: MidPoint & Indie Summer Additions

Was not really expecting this many additions so soon.

Just added to MidPoint:

Annie and the Beekeepers
Black Saints Cartel
Eat Sugar
Giselle Grayson
God Made Me Funky
Kim Taylor
Lightning Love
Mark Zaleski Band
Mock Orange
Peter Adams
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Sweet Cyanide
The Chocolate Horse
The Harlequins
The Koala Fires
Yourself and the Air

Added to Indie Summer:

Baby Teeth (added to Friday, July 31, 10 pm)
Enon (added to Friday, June 26, 10 pm)

The Fiery Furnaces will be playing Friday, August 7 at 10 pm, along with Brian Olive, Fists of Love and one more band to be announced...

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