Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CityBeat's 2008 MidPoint Guide Is Here!

The 7th annual MidPoint Music Festival is right around the corner (15 days), and that means it's time for Cincy music writer, Mike Breen, and company's yearly in-depth guide for all things MidPoint.

Maybe I should be praising my own site and coverage, and telling you to come here, rather than seeing what the people of CityBeat have to say.

But this is not a competition. I'm just a huge music fanatic, wanting to put in my two cents about the festival. I'm a big fan of CityBeat and Breen's writing, which is why I feel inspired to do my own writing, hoping it will one day lead to a career in music journalism.

CityBeat's guide (which came out today), offers twenty-plus pages of artist profiles, schedules, little things like where to pick up t-shirts and sampler cd's, and like I said earlier, all things MidPoint.

CityBeat is a free, entertainment newspaper/magazine (?), and you can find it almost anywhere. I picked up my copy a couple hours ago at Shake-It Records, and while I was there I decided to check out the local music section, which includes cd's from several artists playing MidPoint this year ranging from Peter Adams to Wussy.

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