Sunday, September 28, 2008

Highlights of 2008 MidPoint Music Festival

This could take me a week to complete - for videos, BlogSpot only allows up to 100mg's for each video, and I'm finding it difficult to post video that lasts more than a minute or two.

I've got 135 minutes of video, and I'm still trying to learn some things with my camera. If I've learned anything from what I spent the three nights doing, it's that I need to invest in a very nice camera, which I just can't afford right now.

1. Seabird

2. Ryan Adcock

3. Daniel Martin Moore

4. Why? "The Hollows"

5. Ruckus Roboticus's Dance Party

6. The Hiders "I Still Do"

7. Jake Speed & the Freddies

8. AA Bondy

9. The Felice Brothers - "John the Revelator" feat. AA Bondy

10. 500 Miles to Memphis - America's Finest Country, Punk-Rock band

11. Ha Ha Tonka - covering "Black Betty"

12. Backyard Tire Fire

13. Radio 4

2008 MidPoint Top Ten

Top Five Local:

5. Ryan Adcock
4. Jake Speed & the Freddies
3. Daniel Martin Moore
2. 500 Miles to Memphis
1. The Hiders

Top Five Not Local:

5. Backyard Tire Fire
4. Ha Ha Tonka
3. Why?
2. AA Bondy
1. The Felice Brothers

Yes, that's right, I missed the Bob Pollard show at the Southgate House, as well as Mates of State and The Sadies. But there was still plenty of good music to be found at every venue, and I have very few regrets about the way I planned out my MidPoint schedule.

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