Saturday, September 20, 2008

MidPoint HotSpots: One Venue, One Night

For those of you who are planning on attending only one venue per night, I offer up some thought on what venue's might be hot spots this year - they also have very strong lineups, overall.

1. Southgate House - Boston Spaceships and The High Strung
2. Aronoff - Why?, Daniel Martin Moore and The Chocolate Horse
3. Lodge Bar - Ruckus Roboticus, The Elms, nocatluca and Pete Dressman
4. Know Theatre - Oh My God, Junior Revolution and The Cincinnati Suds
5. Inner Peace Center - The Turnbull AC's, Coltrane Motion, Eagle to Squirrel and Ill Poetic

Toss-up: Kickoff Party with Seabird on Fountain Square - MidPoint gets off to an earlier start this year, at 6 pm, with the guys whose song was chosen as the theme song for ABC's new drama, Pushing Daisies. Who knows how many people will show up? I, however, will be there...

1. Know Theatre - The Felice Brothers, AA Bondy, Jake Speed and Nathan Holscher
2. Inner Peace Center - Lonely China Day, Bottom Line, Winter Sounds and Romance of Young Tigers
3. Blue Wisp - Pomegranates, Baby Teeth, Look Mexico, Dark Romantics and mouse fire - this is the Lujo Records showcase - featuring the best in today's young, up-and-coming indie-rock bands
4. Southgate House - The Sadies and The Hiders in the ballroom, Ampline, Knife the Symphony, Caterpillar Tracks, Alone at 3am and SS-20 in the parlour
5. Aronoff - Jukebox the Ghost, Say Hi, The Purrs and Rosehips

1. Lodge Bar - Backyard Tire Fire, Ha Ha Tonka and 500 Miles to Memphis
2. Southgate House - Mates of State and Fairmount Girls
3. Know Theatre - Secret Show, God Made Me Funky and Yoshi upstairs, William Sides Atari Party, Koala Fire and Payola Reserve downstairs
4. Cadillac Ranch - Flow, Cipes and the People, The Framework and Pale Hollow
5. Aronoff - Headlights, Wussy and The Mocks

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