Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2008 CEA Nominees Coming Tomorrow

CityBeat music writer, Mike Breen, is reporting that the full list of nominees for this year's CEA (Cincinnati Entertainment Awards) will be announced tomorrow (October 15).

All the voting will be done online this year, so make sure to stop by http://www.citybeat.com/ tomorrow, to cast your vote for the best of the best in local music.

Breen mentioned some of the artist's up for awards this year, and it reminded me of how strong the local music scene is, and that it just keeps getting better every year.

Up for New Artist of the Year we have Cash Flagg, The Chauncers, Cut in the Hill Gang, The Emeralds, The Flux Capacitors, The Harlequins, The Koala Fires, Daniel Martin Moore, Bosco Rossi or Wonky Tonk.

Album of the Year will go to one of the following: Peter Adams, Banderas, Buffalo Killers, The Faux Frenchmen, The Hiders, Pomegranates, Jeff Scott Roberson, Seabird, The Sundresses or Super-Massive.

Bringing home Artist of the Year will be either Bad Veins, Buffalo Killers, Eat Sugar, Daniel Martin Moore, Pomegranates, Kelly Richey, Seabird, The Sundresses, Wussy or C. Spencer Yeh.

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