Friday, October 17, 2008

Music, Politics and A Movie Star Sighting

Thousands of people showed up on Fountain Square last night for "Vote Early, Rock Late", a rally supporting our probable next President, Barack Obama.

Many sported Obama gear, which included shirts, hats, buttons and stickers. The event also featured speeches from several local politicians and activists, and even the beautiful actress, Natalie Portman, made an appearance, giving about a five minute speech.

But the highlight for many seemed to be the music of The Breeders and The National. People packed the area near the stage for hours, despite the chilly winds that blew water from the fountain.

When I arrived, The Breeders were just finishing up their set, and I was impressed with the turnout.

But it wasn't all about music. In between bands, and aside from the guest speakers, there was a video collection of what seemed to be a never-ending list of celebrities, with their reasons for voting.

I've never been much into politics, but Obama secured my vote when he got the nomination. I'm not voting for him because many of my favorite bands are endorsing him, which some may think is why I'm choosing him. And I'm not choosing him because I'm a young man, and it would seem like the likely thing for someone my age to do.

I've only voted once in my life, the last election, and I went with the Kerry/Edwards campaign. We all know how that turned out or didn't turn out for that matter.

I haven't been watching any of the political coverage or debates, so I guess I'm not as up-to-date as I should or could be on the whole thing.

Basically Obama is getting my vote because of change. While some have said that he is still kind of too young or inexperienced to run our country, I say take a look at his track record, and you will see that this man is the best candidate we have had since Bill Clinton. And don't tell me that Clinton wasn't a good President because of the whole Monica Lewinsky thing. The fact is, that Clinton did wonderful things for the economy, unlike G.W., a former cocaine user.

Like a lot of Americans, I am fed up with the crap that we have seen over the past eight years, with Bush and his gang of heathens.

I have had friends who have fought in the unjust Iraq/Oil war, and luckily they have made it home safely. I grew up across the street from someone who was killed in the 9/11 attacks. These two things are the biggest reasons why G.W. angers me.

I could keep going on and on about my hatred towards Bush and how it seems as if he's trying to flush our country down the drain, but I won't.

What I will say is this: in a few weeks when Obama will more than likely be chosen as our next President, I really believe that he will be a man of his word. He appears to be trustworthy, and I feel that he is a man who truly cares for Joe Everyman, you and me, unlike Bush who seems to only care about himself. At the same time, Obama is still a politician, and for some reason, politicians seem to be a little different than you and I.

Anywho, enjoy some pics and footage below of last night's "Vote Early, Rock Late"

Natalie Portman

The National: "Squalor Victoria"

The National: "Daughters of the Soho Riots"

The National: "Fake Empire"

The National: "Mr. November" - song used in Obama Campaign, thus becoming his nickname - this is when vocalist Matt Berninger left the stage to get close to the crowd, having a couple members sing along

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