Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Boycotting Guitar Hero and Rock Band

Why is it that people actually believe they can really play guitar or drums after playing these video games?

I've never played either because I grew out of the video game phase several years ago.

It's nothing like actually playing a real guitar! There are five buttons you hit, which take up an entire fret. Okay, so you can get practice moving your fingers from fret to fret, but what is it that makes these people think they can actually play?

And these buttons you hit, aren't even correct as to where to place your fingers in the actual songs you think you are playing.

The reason I won't play these video games is this: I prefer to play the REAL guitar! I may not be that great, but I don't suck. I'm trying and I'm trying to be more creative by learning an instrument and writing songs.

The creator's of this game are turning a generation into fool's to make them believe they have any speck of talent musically, when in fact, they don't.

So, to all of you who play this game, do yourself a favor: learn to play a REAL instrument.

Think of it like this:

1. Let's say there's a book. Any book you could or would read. Then, they make the movie version of it.
2. Now, take the guitar, or any instrument for that matter. Then, they make a video game to make you think you can play it, when the real truth is, you can't.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band are like the movie version of the book. It's just not the same.

Actually, it's nowhere near the same thing. It's a bit lazy, and it's for slackers.

Please do yourself a favor: learn to play a REAL instrument. Try to become a creative person. Being creative in life will benefit you so much more than sitting on your fat ass, eating chips, smoking pot all day, and playing video games. I know, because I was once there.

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Organic Meatbag said...

You know what? I agree totally... I do feel like every Joe Bologna Sandwich thinks that they are now blessed with Jimi Hendrix-like guitar abilities and Neil Peart-like drumming skills just because they can play "Slow Ride" on Rock Band. Uh, hey schmuckos, it doesn't translate to real music!