Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CD Review: The Gaslight Anthem, "The '59 Sound"

New Jersey indie-folk/punk rockers, The Gaslight Anthem, are gaining popularity with the 2008 release of their second album, "The '59 Sound." The album was voted #1 by eMusic, however, it placed #70 on the US charts, so I guess it's good they got on the list at all.

Without any researching of the band, and nights of constantly spinning this album, I find myself asking "What is the meaning behind 'The '59 Sound'?"

The Gaslight Anthem possesses many of your Jersey Shore sounds, the most commonly known being Bruce Springsteen. Listen to this album a few times and tell me they're not the next Hold Steady.

The album, at times, sounds as if it was recorded in a live setting. I feel something when I hear their music. Though I've never seen them in concert, I know this has to be a "live" band. They combine equal amounts of a similar energy and passion that you see with bands like Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady and The National.

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