Friday, February 6, 2009

Get Out Tonight

The temperature is starting to warm up a bit, going from cold as hell to still pretty damn cold, but don't let the frigid air keep you inside tonight. There's a wonderful show tonight at the wonderful Southgate House, and the proceeds go to a wonderful cause, a benefit for STOP AIDS. Sounds wonderful!

The Buffalo Killers, Pearlene, The Sundresses and the original drummer from My Morning Jacket drummer, J. Glen, are playing in the ballroom. The show is $10 and starts at 9 pm. Once again, all the proceeds benefit STOP AIDS. And we'll have Forrest and the boys, The Mudpies, playing a free show in the lounge, also at 9 pm.

The Buffalo Killers have done pretty well, considering they formed just three years ago, as a result of the demise of the Gabbard brothers old band, Thee Shams. They were quickly signed to Alive Records in 2006, and they garnered attention from bands like the Black Crowes and the Black Keys.

Pearlene is a young, psychedelic blues outfit, who have a classic, pure rock 'n roll sound, while maintaining the energy and attitude of a younger generation.

The Sundresses are coming off another good year. Their long-awaited album, Barkinghaus, was finally released this year, and it was also named the "Album of the Year" at the CEA's. Did you know they've played SXSW four years in a row! A little blues, a little punk, but 100% rock and art. There is a lot of depth with the band's writing.

J. Glen was the original drummer for Louisville rock gods, My Morning Jacket. He left in 2000, and is considered one of the best songwriters in the southeast US. He played on the Jacket's first two albums, The Tennessee Fire and At Dawn, which include songs like "Old Sept. Blues", "Evelyn Is Not Real", "The Way That He Sings" and "Phone Went West."

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