Friday, February 27, 2009

Bonnaroo Artist Spotlight: TV on the Radio

Brooklyn's TV on the Radio is more commonly known as an experimental, alternative/indie-rock band, however, the band brings together several other styles which include electronica, free jazz, hip-hop and soul.

Although they had a hit single in "Staring at the Sun", with their first full-length album, 2004's "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes", it appeared that TVotR had gotten it right with their second full-length album, 2006's "Return to Cookie Mountain", which is when they began drawing praise from music magazines, blogs and journalists.

The album finished at #2 on Pitchfork's "Best of 2006" list, while Rolling Stone (giving the album 9 stars!) and several others had it listed at #4 on their lists. As if that's not enough, the album features several guest musicians including members of Antibalas, Blonde Redhead, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and even David Bowie.

Their latest release, last year's "Dear Science," was the best album of the year. Seriously. I know music charts aren't everything, but here's who ranked the album at #1: Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, Consequence of Sound, MTV, Entertainment Weekly and Pitchfork Media.

What I Like About Them

I'll be that guy and admit that it wasn't until I heard the buzz about "Dear Science," that I became a fan. But much like another great album of 2008, the Bon Iver one, I also very quickly fell in love with this album.

The best thing is that TVotR isn't one specific type of band. I have to say, that I'm not much of a hip-hop fan. But I love the hip-hop I hear in their sound. Although indie isn't really supposed to be a music genre (it's supposed to mean they independently record and release their own music and aren't signed to a major record label), TVotR has an indie feeling. They experiment with several types of sounds and instruments, which is good because it gives you more things to listen to.

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